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From 1948 To Today


Fred's History In The Making

After receiving his radio repair license through the US Army during World War II, Fred started repairing radios at this very location. In the 1950's HiFi was introduced and the store changed its focus from general appliance to specializing in audio and later, TV sales and service.


Appliance and HiFi Store Being Built In 1947 & Pictured Today. Same Location Portland, Oregon

"Customer service is the number one focus of Fred's Sound of Music!" With that statement from Fred in 1967, the store developed into one of the finest and longest established audio/video & home theater specialists in the nation.

Installing Mono to Stereo

The installation crew doing a final hook-up before instructing the home owner on its operation.

Installation of home theater might have started on the day this picture was taken! By the late 1950's Fred was going full steam ahead combining audio with TV's. The television received a few stations and Fred took the mono signal from the TV into two speakers to get a wider sound.

Left Picture: Showroom in the 1960's        Right Picture: Fred (on the right) and his left-hand man showing off the goods in the 1950's.

Fred's Showroom featured the latest in electronics as today. Back when this picture was taken most all the brands/manufacturers were American owned and made in the USA! Ampex, JBL, Sherwood, Fisher. Dynaco, AR, Wollensak, RCA Victor (remember the RCA dog). Today components are manufactured worldwide as well as in the USA.

Fred with Rusty Nails, circa 1965

Member of the Community

As the city grew so did Fred's community involvement. Fred has been a 50 year member and past president of the Lions Club. Helping in the yearly children's parade and sponsoring the local Little League Baseball team.

Premiere Showroom

One of the Showrooms Found At Fred's Today.

Through the Years

High-tech and digital and the learning curve sprouted wings. Stereo to Home Theater to whole house communication in a wink. The computer age of sound has arrived and so has Fred's. Fred's Sound Of Music specializes in many important fields relating to Audio and Video and sells, installs and services most of the top brands. Our highly qualified staff can demonstrate the latest equipment in our stereo and Home Theater showrooms! We are dedicated to making your experience the best!