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Aerial Acoustics Model 20T Version 2, A True Modern Reference  ( Brochure pdf )

The Aerial Acoustics Model 20T V2 embodies the sum of what we have learned about loudspeaker design. Every detail has been thoroughly considered, every design decision justified. The result is a remarkable loudspeaker system that faithfully reveals the spirit of music and film and stands as the benchmark for all Aerial designs. The Model 20T V2 produces an astonishingly vivid, forthright, and wonderfully full-range sound with a lifelike quality that is startlingly real. Impeccably finished in high gloss paint or in mirror-imaged premium veneers, it is ideally suited for those who treasure music and movies and enjoy the richness of faithfully reproducing those experiences at home.

V2 represents the second generation of our flagship Model 20T design and incorporates several significant technical advancements in the 20TV2. Newly designed long linear excursion woofers feature 3-layer cones consisting of a German Rohacell® core sandwiched between carbon fiber and glass fiber surfaces, thus providing an optimum combination of stiffness, damping, and mass. Aerial designed and handcrafted in Denmark by our manufacturing partner ScanSpeak®, these proprietary drivers deliver astonishingly powerful, exceptionally firm and extended bass. New crossover networks masterfully integrate the system's drivers so that upon listening, the loudspeaker seems utterly transparent.

With a strikingly evident degree of naturalness, the Model 20T V2 effortlessly reveals musical and acoustical details that normally remain hidden within recordings. This extraordinary sense of realism is not the result of a single factor, but of the relentless refinement of myriad design details combined into a cohesive, seamless whole. The Model 20T V2 is at once capable of extreme resolution, exceptional frequency extension, unerring tonal accuracy, and vast dynamics.

aerial 20TV2 rosewood

Aerial Acoustics Model 9 High Performance Loudspeaker

The striking Aerial Model 9 is a high-performance multi-driver tower speaker designed for use in uncompromising music and home theater systems. It will reveal all the nuance, detail, and 3-dimensionality of the finest audiophile recordings, yet also deliver impressive power and dynamics for home theater.
The shape of the Model 9's cabinet provides a minimal mounting surface for its six drivers while enclosing ample internal volume. As a result, the cabinet presents a sleek visual aspect without compromising bass power or extension. Extensive bracing in three dimensions yields a very rigid structure with vanishingly low coloration.
The drivers for the Model 9 benefit from the development work for the new ultra-high performance Model 20T. Specially designed woofers have cast frames, large vented magnets, and large but light 40mm copper-clad aluminum voice coils on titanium bobbins. The four woofers have a combined area larger than a 15 inch woofer, yet control, coloration, and response are far superior to the larger driver. The custom made midrange provides high power handling with exceptional smoothness and resolution. The tweeter is a new titanium dome unit, with vented magnet structure and rear cavity yielding very low resonance. It is remarkably smooth and free of the harshness sometimes accompanying metal dome tweeters. The crossover uses large low-loss inductors and polypropylene capacitors on two independent glass epoxy boards. Slopes are high order to minimize driver interaction and maximize power handling.


Aerial Acoustics Model 7T Loudspeaker

The exceptional ability of the Aerial Model 7T speaker surpasses the competence of conventional systems through its exacting design and the high quality of its enclosures, networks, and drivers.

Multiple layers of curved, stressed, and laminated MDF provide non-resonant behavior unmatched in conventional flat panel construction. Seven full cross section braces remove any remaining subtle coloration. The resulting labyrinthine structure is virtually inert.

Specially compounded Papyrus forms the stiff but precisely damped midrange cone. This driver is isolated in a separate, wool-filled chamber. The woofer cones are a rigid, damped bilaminate composite. Both driver types have cast magnesium frames, large magnets and long linear excursions. The soft ring-dome tweeter has large dual magnets, a damped chamber, and a copper pole sleeve. The result is that each driver remains linear well beyond its range of use, maintains accurate transients, and exhibits exceedingly low distortion. 

Seamless amplitude and phase integration is provided by precision networks using 21 high-quality components including polypropylene film capacitors and low-oxygen copper air-core coils. High current nickel-steel cores are used in the bass. Separate glass-epoxy boards are employed for the bass and midrange/treble sections. Silver solder and Teflon® insulated high-purity copper wire are used throughout.

aerial 7t

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Aerial Acoustics Model 6T Loudspeaker

The slender, graceful appearance of the Aerial Acoustics Model 6 is perfectly complemented by its refined, full-bodied sound. Purpose-designed with a compact footprint and rear-facing port, the carefully voiced Model 6T is ideally suited for small to medium sized listening environments.
The Model 6T is characterized by a transparent, open, natural sound, with precise imaging and taut, satisfying bass that reaches surprisingly deep for a speaker of its size. Treble response is extended and remarkably smooth. Unrestrained dynamics and high power handling combine with subtlety and nuance to faithfully reproduce both music and film soundtracks.

All Aerial loudspeaker systems are designed and constructed with fanatical attention to quality and detail. Decades of design and manufacturing experience have taught us that craftsmanship and technology go hand-in-hand when creating products of uncompromising performance and genuine long-term value.
Dimensions HWD: 43.5 x 7.7 x 13.2" (1105 x 195 x 335 mm) Height Includes Base and 1" spikes.

One of our favorite woods from Aerial Acoustics Speakers,  aerial Rose Walnut woods 

aerial 6T full




Aerial Acoustics Model SR3 Surround Speaker

The Aerial Model SR3 is a high-performance 3-way 5-driver wall-mounted speaker providing both dipole and bipole operation with unusually wide bandwidth (-3dB at 55Hz) and dynamics for use in the finest home theater systems. Dipole/bipole operation may be switched manually or by optional remote control. The rear-wall-facing drivers may be attenuated to reduce rear wall reflections, steering the dipole null to the listener. Mid/treble level adjustment provides room and system matching. Full-coverage grilles are available in black or white. Optional stands are available.


Aerial Acoustics Model CC5 Center Speaker

The Aerial Model CC5 is an extremely high-performance shielded 3-way loudspeaker designed for center channel use in the finest music and theater systems. It provides wide bandwidth and high output with exceptional speed and high dynamic capabilities. It can easily fill large rooms. Designed for use with all Aerial speakers, the Model CC5 is also suitable for use with many of the best loudspeakers from other manufacturers. The accurate response and the contol flexibility of the Model CC5 provide good matching with most relatively neutral front speakers.
The Model CC5 features an unusually high degree of control flexibility through its rear panel precision rotary switches. The Environment switch provides midrange / treble level adjustment for system matching, for room compensation, and especially for different installation environments such as on-stand, on-video monitor, and built-in custom mounting. The Slope switch selects between flat response and two levels of midrange/treble upward tilt. This provides compensation for system matching as well as for personal taste. The Environment and Slope switches may be used together to provide a broad range of tailored responses to fit most requirements.
The Model CC5 continues the design philosophy of other Aerial speakers - but taken to a higher level. The heavy cabinet is exceptionally inert, with thick walls and extreme bracing. The innovative midrange and massive woofers were developed specifically for the CC5 and LR5. They have extremely large shielded magnet structures and cast frames. The midrange driver is an exceptionally linear design with flat response to beyond 8KHz. The woofers have 2.0" diameter voice coils with more than 1.0" of linear stroke. The tweeter is a specially selected version of our custom titanium design with long linear motion and vented rear chamber. The crossover networks are large, occupying the entire back panel of the CC5. The resulting performance is extraordinary.
The standard finish is black ash. The model CC5 is also available in several beautifully finished veneers. Finish quality is unusually high. An optional adjustable height floor stand is available to match various screen heights and to provide the best performance.



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