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Auton Lifts At Fred's Sound Of Music Audio Video Inc.

Founded in 1955, Auton Motorized Systems is the world's first manufacturer of television lifts and to this day, remains the largest manufacturer of its kind.

Since its inception, Auton has been providing motorized lift systems for architects, designers, and fine furniture makers, opening up a whole new array of design options! Auton lift systems are installed throughout the world in fine homes, offices, hotels, yachts and aircraft, just to name a few examples. Most popular for its use in motorized furniture, other uses include: ceiling pop-down televisions and projectors; motorized screens; pop-up computers; speaker lifts; pop-up liquor cabinets; variable height coffee tables; pop-up displays and collections; and lift panels. In the kitchen, Auton has motorized pop-up spice racks, oven hoods and a "SmartWaiter," which brings up the groceries from the downstairs garage.

Auton uses a remote controlled, rack and pinion system which, unlike the old fashioned "scissor-type" lifts, eliminates wobble and can easily lift uneven loads. These systems are available in many standard sizes, but can easily be customized to your exact specifications. And, to assure the quality of our systems, all of our products are made in the U.S. and backed by a one year limited warranty.  Great for stereo and home Theater components and systems


The Auton Plasma TV Lift is one of the newest lifts offered.  Very versatile slim lift can be installed virtually anywhere and into most cabinet designs.  With the help of our in-house installation team here at Fred's Sound Of Music, we can assist you or your cabinet maker or interior designer to blend this Plasma TV into any décor!


Front Projector Hides Away:  Projectors can simply be lifted right into the ceiling with easy remote control operation.  Fred's can install these "Hide Away Lifts" to fit most every projector made today or yesterday and we'll also tweak the picture in most all brands of projector systems including the ones we sell.


Pop-Up TV Swivels: This cabinet features Auton's basic Rack and Pinion Lift with the swivel option, which enables the viewer to rotate the television a full 360 degrees at the touch of a button. Available in a wide variety of standard sizes as well as custom options, this model lift is particularly popular in luxury hotels world-wide.


Liquor Cabinet Disappears : This liquor cabinet is but one of the many uses for Auton motorized lift systems.  Auton rack and pinion drives are preferred by professionals for their reliable, wobble-free performance.  Fred's Sound Of Music will help interior designers, furniture makers and builders design and install Auton Motorized Systems.
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