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Bryston At Fred's Sound Of Music Audio Video Inc.

Bryston Limited is a Canadian company which has been designing and manufacturing state of the art specialty electronics to both the professional and consumer audio marketplaces for over a quarter century.  In the professional market, Bryston offers amplifiers for recording studios, radio and television broadcast facilities and sound reinforcement applications such as stadiums, large stage productions and arenas, etc. In the consumer market they  manufacture state of the art audio electronics intended to provide the owner with the most musically accurate and reliable performance available.  Bryston maintains an extensive research and development division which is constantly looking for ways to improve the performance, value and reliability of their products.  *Bryston offers a full 20 Year transferable warranty, parts and labour, on most all Bryston models.

Bryston BDP1  Digital Player and much more ... 

The easiest way to understand the Bryston BDP-1 Digital Music Player is to think of it as a 21st century updated CD player. Instead of CD’s as the music source it utilizes USB thumb drives or USB hard drives as the music storage source.



The Bryston BDP-1 is the world’s first dedicated player for high resolution digital files. Our objective was to isolate each critical stage of the playback process using the highest quality components available within a single function device. The separates the digital processing side (playing music files) from the data management side (storage, handling, ripping etc) in order to deliver the most quiet, lowest distortion playback option available. The Bryston BDP-1’s single function is to play high-resolution digital music files from any USB storage device without compromise. The BDP-1 does not contain a hard-drive (no moving parts), a streamer, a CD player/ripper, a router or noisy fans. The Bryston BDP1 Digital Player is also much easier to operate than a typical multipurpose desktop interface.
Bryston's BP26 series preamplifiers offer a significant step forward in capturing the subtleties, nuances and emotions of recorded music. Designed inside and out to reflect the improvements in the entire Bryston line, these preamplifiers are a perfect match to our new SST series of amplifiers. All aspects of the signal flow are greatly improved, with lower noise and distortion figures, and higher overload levels.
All BP26 series preamplifiers are housed in steel cabinets for shielding to reduce electromagnetic interference effects. Buffered inputs provide for lower distortion and improved linearity from source components. A ground plane has been incorporated in this new design to further reduce crosstalk and noise throughout the internal circuitry. The power transformer is mounted externally to eliminate power-supply noise interference.
Each and every BP26 series amplifier is assembled by hand and burned in for 100 hours to ensure performance for many years to come. It is backed by a 20 Year Warranty - unrivaled in the industry.

The MPS2 outboard power supply provides bipolar DC power for the various Bryston preamps and cross­overs, including the BP26 series of preamps, the BP1.5 Phono equalization stage and 10B crossovers specifi­cally designed to be used with external power supplies (10B-LR-EPS, 10B-STD-EPS & 10B-SUB-EPS) .
The Bryston BCD-1 is a State-of-the-Art Redbook CD player using fully discrete analog Class-A proprietary Bryston circuits, a quality Drive, and a 192K/24Bit Crystal DAC.
The advantage of an all in one box solution for a CD Player (as opposed to a separate outboard DAC and Drive) is the elimination of jitter. For optimum performance the Drive and DAC must use the same MASTER CLOCK. If the clock signal of the drive is not synchronized with the clock signal from the DAC then jitter develops. In external DACs the digital input must be re-clocked in order to reduce the jitter. Jitter is defined as mistiming of the digital signal. The timing of all those ones and zeros is of extreme importance. It isn’t enough to get the bits right; those bits have to be converted back into music with the same timing reference as when the music was first digitized. These timing errors (jitter) are the bane of quality audio. With the Bryston BCD1 CD player the master clock and the drive are synchronized perfectly to eliminate any possibility of jitter affecting the sound quality of the player.


BRYSTON is pleased to announce our new SST Amplifiers. These changes and improvements in the new amplifiers are the most significant and comprehensive in the long and distinguished history of Bryston amplifiers. They improve on virtually every aspect of the award winning ST designs.

New Design Features Include:

    New cosmetics to compliment 14B ST and 6B ST
    Output power increased by 20%
    New output devices
    Lower noise and distortion
    Increase power supply capacitance (double)
    New ultra-low-noise power transformers
    New computer modeled heat-sink design
    New 'Electronic ' front panel power switch (no moving parts)
    New rear panel circuit breaker switch (no fuses)
    Quick connect 
Bryston 9BSST THX, Power Times Five Channels, Home Theatre!

All Components Offered In Silver Or Black

The Bryston 9B SST is a hand-crafted, modular, single-chassis 5-channel power amplifier delivering 120 watts per channel at 8 Ohms, and 200 watts at 4 Ohms. Each modular channel contains all the electronic circuitry connections and independent power supply, necessary to deliver the best possible sonic quality. The chassis simply supplies AC and five power LED's on the front panel indicating each channel's functional status, (green for power-on, red for overdrive). The 9B SST power amplifier is also an authorized THX© version. All THX© parameters are easily met for their intended use within a multi-channel audio/video installation.

Bryston's 20 year parts and labor warranty is transferable (if your kids inherit the component, or you sell it, trade it, whatever). That in itself is a rarity that makes the company worth taking notice of and listening to their products.

Bryston 4BSST, The Stereo Power Amp

The Bryston 4B SST is something of a legend among audio amplifiers. As our most popular it has attained international status as an amplifier suitable for the finest and most sophisticated sound systems. Whatever the venue, be it a recording studio stage, a broadcast facility, a home theater installation, or a state-of-the-art stereo system, Bryston has continued to be the number one choice. The 4B SST is a pure dual mono design and offers 300 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 500 watts into 4 with over 1000 watts available in bridged mode.

Exclusive to Bryston among amplifiers is the use of independent (one per channel) toroidal transformer power supplies providing precise and focused sound-staging. Bryston's research has shown that all amplifiers require separate power supplies per channel for the best imaging, clarity and dynamic range, especially crucial given todays and tomorrows most demanding digital sound sources.