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Nucleus Micro Speaker

The Reference 3.1 loudspeaker from Anthony Gallo Acoustics is a true high-end home stereo speaker. Designed with the performance- and decor-conscious audiophile in mind, the Reference 3.1 will add a timeless look to your living room and let you hear what you've been missing in all of your favorite movies and music recordings.  The Reference 3.0 was a legend, the Reference 3.1 is extraordinary!

Improved Mid-Range Drivers: The Anthony Gallo Reference 3.1 features improved mid-range drivers which incorporate a neodymium magnet and under-hung design for improved efficiency, mid-range detail and transient response. Upgraded Capacitors: The Reference 3.1's all-new metallized polypropylene capacitors offer improved dynamics and low-level information.

Tweeter Switch Eliminated: The tweeter switch has been eliminated to ensure even greater coherency and high-frequency purity.

Reference 3.1

From an interior design standpoint we have recognized that speakers are really furniture in the respect that they are an integral part of the room in which they reside.  A speaker that makes music and actually fits your personal décor.  People are talking: "An ideal balance of style and substance."….."Extremely good at the price."….."The micro is the best looking and sounding speaker system of its type that I've auditioned."…..


Gallo Acoustics Nucleus A'Diva Speaker  A'Diva Speakers are a very small, five inches (Micro's are four inches), fully shielded, all metal sphere with patented technology.  On a shelf, ceiling or wall, the FULL RANGE Nucleus A'Diva creates the magic that comes from true high end sound.  With wall/ceiling/shelf bracket

Offered in Black, Silver or White

The satellite uses a three inch, full range driver housed in a four inch spherical, steel enclosure. There is no crossover in the critical vocal range. We use proprietary and patented "S2" technology for full rich sound. The result is a transparent, dynamic, lifelike sound which does an excellent job of conveying the emotional content of the music.  There are six colors to fit any décor.  Black, White, Stainless, Champagne, Wine-Red and Bronze.

The Micro Satellite

Micro Speakers

The SubWoofer With this subwoofer even explosions have texture. A better sounding speaker will give you better sounding effects. Why should we not be able to hear all the detail and not just some muddy, boomy, boxy sounding crash.  Since we expect you to be able to use our sub for music and not just theater sound effects, we use the highest quality woofer we could find. In fact, we had this one jointly developed with Peerless of Denmark to work synergistically with our patented S2 technology.  Our 150 Watt rating is for continuous RMS. This means a continuous output, all day long, of 150 Watts. It has a big heavy power supply and very high parts quality.


Optional Dual Subwoofer System  Two subs off of one amp module.  Flexibility is not something normally associated with subwoofers. Typically you try your best to hide the ugly thing in a corner or under a plant and sacrifice getting at the controls or finding the optimal room positioning. The MPS 150 allows you to remove the amplifier module and place it with the rest of your equipment while having to hide only a very small woofer housing. Our sub can be made small enough to actually fit under a couch or other piece of furniture. It can do this while still having the output normally associated with subwoofers many times this size. More importantly, only the audio signal via a single wire needs to get to the sub. No power cord is involved and thus you are not limited by outlet location for your positioning!  Fred's will show you how easy it is to run two subwoofers


Wallflower Floor Stands (optional).  When we were looking at stand options for the Micro satellites we were faced with a design challenge. The sphere looks best when it appears to "float" in space. This is the purest presentation in our opinion. We then looked to the natural world for ideas and discovered that the Sunflower stalk makes the perfect stand for a sphere. We modeled ours after that. The wires can be completely hidden inside the stem and exit at the top behind the terminal plate on the satellites. From the front or side views they are almost invisible. The stand base is weighted to minimize the footprint and provide the sleekest possible look. All in all we feel it is an elegant design solution.


Home Theater Package For theater use, you will not find a more elegant, compact solution. We have been quick to recognize the fact that technology is quickly invading your living space. It has long been acceptable to have a television in the middle of an otherwise beautiful living room. We have also tolerated early speaker designs, which tended to look more like furniture than electronics. All of that changed with the coming of home theater. Having a theater means that we now have to find places for five speakers and a subwoofer in that same room. The rush was on to build smaller and cheaper speakers. Problem is, that is exactly what they look like, small, cheap, plastic boxes and mind you most of them are not all that small. They are more like bookshelf speakers than the satellites they claim to be. Hopefully you will notice that we have solved this problem. The Micro theater system blends into your room and sounds fantastic. We hope that you will actually want to see them.With a subwoofer that looks more like modern sculpture, and satellites available to match almost any color scheme, you are on your way to design freedom.