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Mark Levinson N°326S Preamplifier

With a single-chassis design, the Mark Levinson N°326S Preamplifier achieves separation of audio circuit, control circuit, and power supply sections similar to that of the dual-chassis N°32. The internal structure of the 326S separates these sections, while a steel shield box protects the power supply and other circuits against electrostatic and magnetic interference. Filtered AC power is routed outside audio circuit sections, providing audio circuits with the quiet, shielded environment essential for superior sound.
Like most high-performance audio components, the N°326S relies on clean, noise-free AC power to deliver maximum performance. Unfortunately, most AC power does not meet these standards. Common household appliances such as refrigerators, TVs, and computers often contaminate AC power lines with line noise, spikes, and other irregularities that make it difficult for audio circuits to perform up to their full potential.
To compensate for this, the N°326S offers a series of highly effective noise suppression and isolation techniques that begin filtering AC power for noise as soon as it enters the chassis. Audio and control circuit sections use independent power supplies, each with its own low-noise toroidal transformer. The audio circuit power transformer includes a Faraday shield between the AC power line and low-voltage secondaries for improved isolation.

 mark levinson No326S Front


 mark levinson  No326S Back



The Mark Levinson No531H and No532H Power Amplifier

The Mark Levinson No531H and No532H are both true mono-block designs with independent power supplies for each channel and are rated at 300W per channel into 8 ohms. The transformers and power supply designs deliver unsurpassed dynamics and transient responses for today’s demanding audio formats and provide stability with even the most difficult to drive loudspeakers. Fully differential circuitry ensures that balanced input signals stay that way throughout the signal path and traditional Mark Levinson “Hurricane” binding posts offer secure termination to the loudspeaker.
The four amplifiers in the No500H Series are the definition of truly outstanding performance in their respective categories. Drawing from the Mark Levinson heritage, while utilizing a new, straightforward, balanced, current-feedback design creates a new series of amplifiers that must be listened to in order to be fully appreciated. The final result is impressive even for the Mark Levinson high standard of excellence.

 mark levinson N532H Front


mark levinson  No532H Rear


Mark Levinson
No. 320S Preamplifier

The Mark Levinson No.320S Preamplifier is a direct descendant of the critically acclaimed Nº32 Reference Preamplifier. The Nº320S features audio circuits, controls, architecture, and phono input option based on the Nº32. In fact, some audio circuits, such as the proprietary discrete volume attenuators, are identical to those found in the Nº32.
The single-chassis design of the Nº320S achieves similar separation of audio circuit, control, and power supply sections as the dual-chassis Nº32. Inside the Nº320S, these sections are separated by physical layout as well as a steel shield box that protects against electrostatic and magnetic interference. Filtered AC power is routed outside audio circuit sections, providing audio circuits with the quiet, shielded environment essential for superior sound.
Following in the footsteps of the Nº32, the Nº320S exceeds all reasonable expectations for a stereo preamplifier. Its flexible design, including seven configurable inputs, separate main and record outputs, and full surround sound processor integration, allow it to accommodate a wide range of demands. Even more, several advanced technologies protect audio circuits for a superior sound sure to complement even the most sophisticated home entertainment systems.

No. 320S Preamplifier Highlights
  • 7 configurable inputs
  • Separate main and record outputs
  • 3 balanced (XLR) inputs
  • 4 single-ended (RCA) inputs
  • Complete surround sound processor integration
  • Advanced dual-mono design
  • Maximum channel isolation
  • Independent power supplies for audio circuit and control sections, each with their own low noise toroidal transformer
  • Effective noise suppression and isolation technologies
  • AC power filtering
  • Two active voltage regulation stages
  • Faraday shield to separate AC power from low voltage secondaries
  • Independent audio circuits, communication circuits, and power supplies for each channel
  • Two proprietary discrete volume attenuator modules
  • Deactivation of unused inputs to eliminate ground loop noise
  • Balanced conversion for single-ended input signals
  • Intuitive Set Inputs menu
  • Large front panel display 
  • Two Mark Levinson Link communication ports
  • RS-232 communication port
  • Trigger output connector
  • IR input connector
  • Phono input option

Mark Levinson
No. 432 Power Amplifier

We're extremely pleased to offer the latest 400 Series amplifiers, the Mark Levinson No.431, No.432 and No.433. Dual monaural or triple monaural in design, these new amplifiers incorporate the same attention to detail and technical design elements as our other Mark Levinson amplifiers, benefiting from 30 years of experience in designing some of the world's best amplifiers. We believe these new models represent the best values ever offered in the history of Mark Levinson amplifiers.

Amplifier Performance
Power amplifiers are core components of any high performance audio or audio/video system. While the need to drive loudspeakers is easily understood, the way a power amplifier functions is not. A common misconception is that a power amplifier actually makes a small signal larger for use by the loudspeakers. In reality, an amplifier makes several successively larger copies of the input signal. The ability to make accurate copies and optimize the performance of any loudspeaker connected to it by combining great force with finesse are the attributes that have made Mark Levinson power amplifiers the standard for an entire industry for 30 years. The hallmark of Mark Levinson power amplifiers is that they deliver not only the necessary power, but also the finesse of the musical signal, all while avoiding the common mistake of imparting their own character on the sound. The No.431, No.432 and No.433 are poised to set new standards in performance and value and will be sonically compared to amplifiers that are far more expensive.

No. 432 Power Amplifier Product Specifications
Damping Factor : Greater than 800, 20Hz - 20kHz @ 8O Dimensions : 17.75"w × 7.65"h × 20.1"d Frequency Response : Within 0.1dB from 20Hz - 20kHz Input Connectors : two 3-pin XLR balanced input connectors  two RCA input connectors   two 1/8" mini-jacks for remote turn-on   one RS-232 port on RJ-11   two Mark Levinson communications ports on RJ-45   one IEC-standard high current AC receptacle Input Sensitivity - 2.83V Output : 130mV Input Sensitivity - Full Output : 2.58V Mains Voltage : determined by the needs of country for which the unit was manufactured; cannot be reset by dealer or user Output Connectors : 4 custom binding posts Output Impedence : 100k (balanced)  50k (single-ended) Output Impedence : Less than 0.05 from 20Hz - 20kHz Power Consumption : 250W (5%) at idle, 50W (5%) in standby Power Output : 400 watts/channel continuous rms power @ 8O  800 watts/channel continuous rms power @ 4O  400 watts/channel continuous rms power @ 4O Signal to Noise Ratio : Better than -80dB (ref.2.83V) Voltage Gain : 26.8dB Weight : 115lbs. (57kg)

Mark Levinson No. 390S
Compact Disc Processor

The Mark Levinson No.390S successfully builds on the strengths of the popular No.39 CD Processor. The name change is intended to convey the level of sonic improvement that you can expect. It doesn't sound like a better No.39 - it sounds like a completely new and significantly better product.
Many of the improvements have resulted in a further reduction in noise. Low-level musical details that were previously masked are now revealed. High frequency clarity and extension are improved. Low frequency detail is improved. Imaging and spatial information are substantially improved, with a greater sense of depth and width. There is an almost holographic, wrap around quality to the presentation.
All of this musical information was obviously always present on the CDs. Once again, significant sonic improvements were attained by better implementation of an existing technology. We encourage you to compare the new No.390S to other digital products, including separate D/A converters and SACD players. We are confident that you will agree with us that the No.390S CD Player Disc Processor is an outstanding value.
No.390S as CD Transport
The first task performed by the No.390S is that of a high performance digital transport. The characteristics of an outstanding CD transport are simple to define: it must recover the correct data from the disc and deliver it to the digital processor with exacting precision. As simple as this sounds, in reality achieving it has been extremely difficult-as evidenced by the significant sonic differences among various transports.
Recovering the correct data is not difficult. Modern CD transports include powerful error correction systems, making uncorrectable errors quite rare. Even badly scratched discs can often be played without difficulty.
Since compact discs operate with a 44.1 kHz sampling rate, there should be exactly 44,100 error-free samples transmitted each second. Moreover, each such piece of musical information should exist for exactly 1/44,100th of a second before being replaced by the next piece. Inconsistencies in this respect account for most of the sonic variations heard between transports, and are referred to as jitter.

Mark Levinson No. 320S
Phono Module
( was Mark Levinson No. 32 )