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All Musical Fidelity Components Qualify For repairmaster logo 5 Year Warranty


First off, Musical Fidelity invests heavily in circuit design to produce sound that equals or surpasses that of amplifiers costing two or three times as much. Antony Michaelson, founder says, "Whether someone likes our sound is a personal matter, but Musical Fidelity only releases products that meet our tough standards - the sound has to be exciting, rich, full, realistic and fulfilling. In general, the reviewers feel that our products are ones they want to listen to."
Next, beautiful appearance. Musical Fidelity invests in external design to achieve harmony in every detail. Antony Michaelson comments that, "Each product is designed to combine form and function. The idea is make an amplifier perform beautifully for all the senses - the eyes as well as the ears."
Finally, value for money. Musical Fidelity is proud to offer good value. "Reviewers often write that a Musical Fidelity sounds better than an amplifier costing two or three times the price. Sometimes we are asked why we don't charge more for our products. I think the question really is, why do other companies charge so much more for amplifiers that offer much less in terms of quality and components?"
Musical Fidelity is for people who love audio and music. Customers who choose Musical Fidelity can have a superb audio system - and some money left over to buy tapes or CDs, too.


The M3i integrated amplifier from Musical Fidelity is a high-performance integrated amplifier derived from technologies first developed for Musical Fidelity’s legendary Titan power amplifier, and more recently implemented in the critically acclaimed M6i integrated amp. It is, however, smaller, lighter and less expensive.
The power amplifier section includes two high-performance power amps in a dual mono configuration using advanced circuitry for superior separation and imaging. The M3i delivers a conservatively rated 76 watts per channel into 8 ohms, providing 25 amps of peak-to-peak current for the power on demand that movie soundtracks and demanding musical passages need to sound their best.

The Musical Fidelity M6i integrated amp is designed to give great sonic and technical performance. Its design and build quality are excellent.  Internally the M6i is actually a separate preamp with two monobloc power amps. The M6i has one huge mains transformer which gives entirely separate outputs for left and right power amps and preamps. Even though the M6i is a one box solution it’s actually a set of discreet monobloc power amps with a separate preamp in one sleek package.  Due to its excellent practical linearity, low distortion and excellent load driving ability the M6i can be paired with any loudspeaker. It’s extremely quiet so high sensitivity loudspeakers are fine but at the same time it’s very powerful so lower sensitivity speakers present no problem.  The M6i’s sound is calm and unruffled. Huge dynamics are delivered with ease. Quiet passages are sweet and warm. The overall picture the M6i delivers is natural and uncoloured.  
Musical Fidelity M1 CLIC is a universal music controller pre amplifier, designed to control all types of devices, including analog, digital, network, wireless, internet radio and more. The gorgeous machined facia is designed to match Musical Fidelity's M1 DAC and M1 HPA models both in size and style.  The M1 CLIC is designed to be used as a modern pre amplifier, able to control many more music sources from one location and either output them to a power amplifier with speakers or headphone amplifier. In addition to three line level RCA analog inputs, it features 2 x RCA coaxial inputs, 1 x optical input, USB input, USB connection for an iPod dock, RJ45 network socket and more. The network connection allows you to connect M1 CLIC to your home network and enjoy music files stored on your NAS drive, PC, laptop etc.  A high end design separates DAC, analog and processing sections with the DAC based on the same type featured in the M1 DAC. It's compatible with many file formats including FLAC (upto 24-bit/192kHz), WMA (inc lossless), LPCM (upto 24-bit/192kHz), Real Audio, ogg Vorbis 4.0, etc and the full colour display allows you to select and see what's playing. It will even display pictures should this take your fancy!
The M1 CLIC is truly a modern, advanced pre amplifier, suitable for controlling almost any music source you can think of, whilst offering the purity in design and hi-fi sound quality you've come to expect from Musical Fidelity.  BACK TO MUSICAL FIDELITY 
The M6CD/DAC is the latest evolution of Musical Fidelity’s high performance digital range. It has a very high quality 24-bit 192K true upsampling DAC which has outstanding linearity, ultra low noise, very low distortion and ruler flat frequency response.  The M6CD/DAC is a very high quality DAC as well as being a CD player. Once you have created a very high performance DAC for a CD player it is relatively low cost to add 3 extra digital inputs so it can be used as a very high quality DAC as well. That’s what we’ve done with the M6CD. It has inputs for USB, coax and optical.  Given a reasonable quality digital stream the M6’s DAC will make a huge measurable improvement to performance to any source.  The M6’s sonic quality is smooth and sweet. There is no harshness, excellent image. Great spatial recovery. Huge dynamic range. 

Musical Fidelity's new M3CD player proves not only that good things come in compact packages, but that they also come with slimmed down price tags. The M3CD is a high performance 16-bit, 44 kHz CD player that sells for a bit under half the price of Musical Fidelity's incredibly well received M6CD. It's a smidge smaller than the M6CD, too. But this thing is a performance giant.
"Because we believe that the first step to proper musicality is excellent technical performance, we have ensured that the M3CD has low distortion, virtually flat frequency response, low noise and low jitter," reports Musical Fidelity founder Antony Michaelson. "Once we sorted out those, we went on to refine subtle matters of engineering that give proper musicality."
The signal path respects native red-book CD playback, and it also uses 24-bit dual-differential DACs. Unlike every other DAC in the Musical Fidelity line, the M3CD does NOT feature the 24/192 upsampling before the DAC.


The Musical Fidelity M1 DAC is the fruit of our 23 years experience of making top performance DACs. It has four digital inputs; coax, optical, balanced and USB. The M1 DAC will lock on to any S/P diff signal at; 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz. The input sampling frequency is displayed on the front panel. The M1 DAC upsamples to 24-bit at 192kHz. This is genuine true upsampling. The M1 DAC has vanishingly low distortion, typically less than 0.005% across the band. Frequency response is ruler flat. Jitter is extremely low. The noise ratio is outstanding, one of the quietest DACs in the world regardless of price. Looking at the M1 DAC's total measurements and comparing them to any DAC up to ten times its price you will see that, on balance, the M1 DAC is equal to or better than any. The M1 DAC has a high quality power supply. Interestingly it has choke filtration on the mains input. This, effectively, is a mains signal conditioner which increases the performance and value of the M1 to even greater heights.


The V-CAN is a genuine state-of-the-art headphone amplifier. Most high quality headphones have impedance of around 30 Ohms. Almost all headphone amps have an output impedance between 50 and 100 Ohms. Because of their high output impedance they cannot drive headphones properly. Any sound they produce through the headphones is necessarily coloured, with distortion and non linear frequency response. The V-CAN is quite different. Its output impedance is 5 Ohms. This means it will drive any headphone available with ease. It will produce low distortion, ruler flat frequency response and complete linearity.

MUSICAL FIDELITY VDAC Digital to Analog Convertor

The V-DAC is a sensational state-of-the-art DAC. By any measurement its performance is way beyond so-called state-of-the-art competition. In fact overall the technical performance of the V-DAC is probably about the best in the world regardless of price. There is no trickery here. It's simply that we use state-of-the-art digital components (these are very expensive) and implement them with state-of-the-art circuitry and layout. The secret is simple; there's no ridiculous packaging, and absolutely no wastage on anything. The VDAC is rather like an F1 racing car. It is completely functional with no excess flab or wastage anywhere.


More people are storing their cherished music collections on computer. This exciting consumer led revolution gives new and exciting possibilities for audiophiles. However, the standard USB output from laptops has been a serious limitation on ultimate quality.  Standard computer USB outputs are synchronous. This means that the computer will determine its output data rate at its whim. From an audiophile’s perspective this is a disaster. The data rate might be 14 BIT 32 kHz or it might be at a higher data rate. It just depends on…what the computer decides to do.  The solution to this problem is the Musical Fidelity V-Link asynchrony convertor. Simply put the receiving device instructs the computer to give it data (via its USB output) at whatever rate it has been stored on the computer disc. This is a big change. Now an audiophile can be confident that the data received from his computer is genuinely high quality and unfailingly consistent. Perfect!


The circuitry in the X-LPS is similar to that used in expensive electronics. The RIAA is very accurate, the noise ratio is excellent and overload margins are good. Generally, its technical performance on both MM and MC is equal to some highly expensive stand-alone phono stages. Subjectives are personal, but we think that the XLPS will stand comparison with the best. It doesn't have a high price tag so many will not even look or listen to this little marvel. Separate dedicated MM and MC inputs. Allows use of either cartridge type for the best possible results. Wide overload margin. Extended headroom allows effortless handling of transients and dynamics. Sophisticated PCB layout, with very close attention given to optimizing circuit layout, the result of 30 years' experience with phono. Low noise, low distortion and accurate RIAA gives a dynamic crystalline sound. v3 v8. Very low noise circuits. Maximum available dynamic range and low level detail resolution.