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UDP-203 – Estimated availability in mid-December.

UDP-205 – Estimated release in early 2017.

The OPPO BDP-103  
Limited To Stock.  Universal Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player
represents a marked evolution in OPPO's design and engineering. New to this model are exciting features such as 4k video up-scaling, 2D to 3D conversion, dual HDMI inputs and MHL compatibility. A new dual-core System-on-Chip processor delivers quick startup and fast disc loading speed.


With improved network streaming applications and an enriched media playback interface, the BDP-103 is a versatile player that delivers quality picture and premium sound. Blu-ray Disc - The high definition Blu-ray Disc™ format provides pristine video and audio quality for your home entertainment.  

OPPO Step-up Model BDP-103D Darbee Difference!

oppo BDP103 front

BDP-103 Bluray 3D Player




The Step-Up  " Darbee "  Difference:    





Limited To Stock.  Is the Oppo Darbee BDP-103D step-up right for me?
The main difference between the BDP-103 and BDP-103D is the BDP-103D's incorporation of the Darbee Visual Presence processor. The BDP-103 is a reference quality Blu-ray Disc player and has won numerous awards. The BDP-103D is based on the BDP-103 and shares most of the same features.

Basically, the Darbee processor is a video enhancer that provides greater clarity and increases the perception of depth by embedding stereoscopic depth cues within the video, resulting in a more dynamic, lifelike experience.

The Darbee's processing level is adjustable, which allows you to customize it to your particular taste. Unlike many other image enhancers or sharpeners, the Darbee processor does not alter the image in a global fashion, so it is able to reduce the amount of image artifacts that are created, and it does not adversely affect calibrated settings such as contrast, gamma, and color.

The original BDP-103 is known for its accuracy in reproducing video from all kinds of discs. The BDP-103D takes one step beyond reference quality accuracy. When the Darbee Visual Presence enhancement is turned off, it is a reference quality player just like the BDP-103. When the Darbee Visual Presence enhancement is turned on, the user has the option to fine tune the video to his/her own liking. In summary, if you are looking for a quality player that accurately reproduces video, the BDP-103 is the right choice; if you are looking for a more customized experience beyond standard picture adjustments, the BDP-103D provides additional possibilities to fine tune your viewing experience.





Limited To Stock.  The ULTIMATE TOP OF THE LINE BDP-105D Bluray Player.

With Darbee features:



 A dedicated 2-channel analog output with specially optimized ES9018 DAC and output driving stages. The stereo output offers both XLR balanced and RCA single-ended connectors. The balanced output features a true differential signal path all the way from the DAC to the 3-pin XLR connector. By transmitting a pair of differential signals, the balanced output provides better common-mode noise rejection and improves signal quality.


By bypassing the low fidelity, poor quality DAC of traditional computer soundcards, the BDP-105D turns any computer into a high performing multi-media source by converting digital audio to analog through the ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC. The BDP-105D supports DSD audio in standard rate (DSD64) or double rate (DSD128 or DSD 2x) via its new USB DAC input. If your computer can play it, the BDP-105D can convert it to analog.

A toroidal power transformer offers superior power efficiency and much lower exterior magnetic fields over traditional laminated steel core transformers. The BDP-105D's toroidal linear power supply provides a very clean and robust power source to the critical audio components.

For a more intimate listening experience, a pair of headphones can be connected directly to the BDP-105D’s built-in headphone amplifiers. The headphone amplifier is connected directly to the ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC and offers a unique performance advantage over standalone headphone amplifiers.


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oppo BDP105D Front 

OPPO BDP-105 "D" Darbee FRONT


oppo BDP105D Back




oppo BDP105 guts

The Guts Of The Player 







The OPPO BDT-101CI high-performance Blu-ray transport


The OPPO BDT-101CI is a reliable high-performance Blu-ray transport designed for custom home theaters and professional applications. It shares many features of the BDP-103, BDP-103D, BDP-105, and BDP-105D models, yet there are some important differences between the BDT-101CI and BDP-103 series (including all variant models):

    The design of the BDT-101CI focuses on its core function of disc playback. It does not have Internet streaming apps or inputs for external sources. The BDP-103 series is composed of full-featured universal Blu-ray players with Internet streaming apps and HDMI/MHL inputs.

    The BDT-101CI features a modular design that can be customized for each installation's unique requirements. The BDP-103 series does not offer modular customization, and each model comes with a standard set of features and performance specifications.


Our recommendation for choosing the BDT-101CI or BDP-103 series is based on how you intend to install and use the player. If you need a simple and reliable universal disc player, the BDT-101CI may be a perfect fit. If you need a player with additional features such as network streaming and external signal inputs, the BDP-103(D) or 105(D) might be a better choice. If your primary use of the player is for listening to music and you will connect the player to high quality amplifiers and speakers, the BDP-105(D) is our recommendation for audio playback. Should your particular installation call for long cable runs, the BDT-101CI with an HDBaseT output module can get the job done.


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OPPO Blu-ray


oppo bdt101ci

 OPPO BDT101CI Transport



More Technical Info .... Blu-ray & 3D


– Experience high definition in all new dimensions. The BDP103 supports the Blu-ray 3D specifications and is fully compatible with Blu-ray 3D discs.   

2D to 3D Conversion – Take your standard DVD, Blu-ray, and other video content to the next dimension by converting them into 3D with the simple press of a button. The BDP-103 can also adjust the depth and eye convergence levels to suit your personal preference.


SACD - The BDP-103 plays Super Audio CD (SACD) and supports both stereo and multi-channel high resolution audio programs. Users can select whether to output the DSD (Direct Stream Digital) signal in its native format or convert it into PCM.

DVD-Audio - The BDP-103 plays DVD-Audio and supports both stereo and multi-channel high resolution audio programs. Users can select whether to play the DVD-Audio or the DVD-Video portion of the disc.
Netflix Instant Streaming - Instantly watch TV shows & movies streaming from Netflix3. Netflix "Just For Kids" is a special selection of kid-friendly TV episodes & movies for younger viewers. It is included with your Netflix unlimited streaming membership. Selected titles support features including 1080p video, 5.1ch audio, subtitles and alternative audio languages.

VUDU HD Movie Streaming - Stream thousands of movies instantly the day-and-date they are released on DVD/Blu-ray in stunning 1080p video, rich 7.1 surround audio and even in 3D.
Pandora Internet Radio - Personalized music streaming using the Music Genome Project, staying true to their mission: "Playing only the music you'll love".

Comprehensive Internet Streaming - In addition to Netflix, VUDU and Pandora, the BDP-103 provides access to popular entertainment network services from Film Fresh, YouTube Leanback and Picasa, with more to come.
BD-Live & BonusVIEW - The BDP-103 supports BD-Live™ (Profile 2.0) and contains all necessary hardware - audio/video decoder, Ethernet and wireless networking, and 1GB of internal storage - for BD-Live. It also supports BonusVIEW (Profile 1.1) enabling "picture-in-picture" and audio features for viewing director or actor commentary while the main movie is playing.

Additional Disc & Media Formats - Additional disc and file formats, such as DVD, audio CD, HDCD, Kodak Picture CD, AVCHD, MP4, AVI, MKV and other audio/video/picture files on recorded discs or USB drives can be played back on the BDP-103. The BDP-103 fully supports high-resolution lossless WAV and FLAC audio formats.


Exceptional Picture Quality by Qdeo Processing. 4k Up-Scaling, 3D Playback, 2D to 3D Conversion. Dual HDMI Inputs/Outputs, MHL Input Capable. SACD & DVD-Audio/Video. Dual-core Fast Loading. Wireless N, USB 2.0, & IR.