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Panasonic Pro and Premiere TV At Fred's Sound Of Music Audio Video Inc.

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Panasonic Professional & Premiere Series
Fred's Is An Authorized Dealer & Installer For
High Definition Plasma Displays
Delivered and Installed By Fred's

Panasonic Broadcast & Television Pro Series 42" 50" 55" 58" 65" 103" Professional Series High Definition Display's

A stunning high definition professional display that delivers the elegance and superb image quality for any installation, while providing full integration in an automated environment. With an up to 10,000:1 contrast ratio, 3,072 shades of gradation and industry-leading 16-bit processing, delivers significant image quality improvements to produce an unforgettable visual experience. With Panasonic's multi-function input slot system, these flat panel plasma displays offer seamless integration in virtually any AV, PC or interactive environment, so it can be used in the widest range of vertical or horizontal display applications.