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ebay Review

Yamaha CR1020    


  yahamaleftfront   yamahaCR1020customerfrontpics   

Our picture on left from ebay and his picture on right top showing "years of wear" damage.

That is not our cabinet we shipped to him, he admitted that he is a collector of this model and sent us pics

of another cabinet and Yamaha CR1020




 yamahafront   yamaharightfront   yamahacr1020customerknobs 

Our two pictures from ebay on left and one down below and his pictures showing damages on right

not our cabinet and Yamaha CR1020





Our item was wrapped and double boxed with firm but soft materials. THE KNOB DAMAGE.. The only way of this damage is that something hard hit it and there

was nothing in the box that could of knocked against the faceplate like that.  He wanted $40 to make things good and I declined.

It was my mistake not to use ebay email system but communicated with buyer using our store email system.


buyers comments:

I do have a personal CR-2020 and a 1020 I’m repairing for a friend but both of those cabinets are in quite nice shape.

Your accusations of me photographing a different cabinet are totally unfounded. Besides, I would never even think of doing that.  

After all this, if you are finally ready to relent without a battle with eBay, I would like to suggest a minor compensation of $40 in a PayPal refund payment to me.

That, just to cover the two bad knobs, or toward all the unexpected damage repairs, or all the time I have spent trying to convince you of the truth, whatever.

That done, I would eat the remaining time and expense to bring the unit back to a cosmetically respectable life. What’s forty bucks? Not a lot these days but it would end this.

Otherwise, I will open a case with eBay and send all the photos and copies of our email conversations.

I can assure you that eBay will not be happy with the hidden damages issue, or your speculative and untrue accusations of deceit on my part.

Also, if we don't settle this without eBay intervention, I will also be forced to leave negative feedback for the first time in my fourteen plus years on eBay.