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Richard Gray Power At Fred's Sound Of Music Audio Video Inc.

Richard Gray Power Company developed true parallel, non-current-limiting low impedance technology that more efficiently moves power from the street, placing it right next to A/V components and places no unwanted signature of its own onto the circuit.

Richard Gray's Power Company RGPC SubStation
Huge Isolation Step-down Transformer Re-invents "Balanced Power" utilizing 240-volt line for total isolation of AC circuit. Provides max lightning protection, no ground loops, and nearly 1,000 watts more than a 15-amp AC line. The SubStation takes advantage of a balanced (line-wise) 240-volt AC line to provide the most stable and constant source of AC power yet. A 120-volt version is available for those who do not want to run a 240-volt line, for similar improvements. All Installers should agree that ground loops are a phenomenon that causes problems from mild to wild: Hums, bars in the picture, and extremely degraded sound and pictures and from what appears to be incompatibility in equipment.

Richard Gray's Power Company  RGPC Pole Pig
Featuring six Hubbell outlets, the Pole Pig is perfect for isolating the front-end components (preamp, DVD player, music server, etc.) of a home theater system, or can power a complete audiophile-grade audio system. The Pole Pig can be coupled with existing RGPC parallel inductor models resulting in the RGPC IsoGray System. The Pole Pig within the IsoGray System completely isolates the front-end components while the patented parallel technology of the 400S MKII, 600S or 1200S provides the rest of the system with instantaneous, high current on demand with no limitations and eliminates inter-component crosstalk. The Pole Pig also offers surge suppression by way of a 280v clamp and onboard MOV (metal oxide varistor). Combining the Pole Pig with other RGPC products mounts an even stronger, triple-stage surge defense for complete system protection. The Pole Pig can be mounted in a custom A/V rack, or placed on a shelf of an equipment rack and is available with a black or silver faceplate.

Richard Gray's Power Company  RGPC 400 Pro
The RGPC400Pro is housed in a rectangular shaped commercial metal box designed to be placed next to the components needing line enhancement. It features 4 Hubbell AC outlets, has 12 gauge internal wiring, surge protection system, and now has a 6 ft. 12 gauge power cord with a 20 amp IEC Connector and 20 amp fast blow fuse. Depending upon the number of dedicated AC circuits feeding the system, they are ideal for placing multiple units star-clustered next to power amplifiers, preamp and front-end audio and video components, and to power overhead video projectors. A major advantage of RGPC's technology is that just one unit placed on a circuit will offer line enhancement to any other components plugged into the same circuit; the closer the RGPC to the component the more effective it becomes.

Richard Gray's Power Company RGPC 600S
Offering all the same striking good looks and benefits of the larger RGPC 1200S at a more attractive price, the RGPC600S is perfect for the more budget conscious audio/video enthusiast with a smaller system. Like both of its predecessors (400MK II and 1200S) the RGPC 600S' patented parallel, non-current-limiting technology in effect moves the power from the utility company transformer on the street and places it next to your equipment, eliminating power drains that detract from a systems ability to accurately reproduce audio and video to its fullest performance potential. Two 600S units can be placed side by side within a Middle Atlantic rack shelf.

Richard Gray's Power Company RGPC 1200S
The RGPC1200 is housed in a knock-you-dead, gorgeous rack/shelf mountable component, black anodized front panel with rear illuminated RGPC retro looking logo. It is the power of two RGPC 400MK II's, wired internally with 12 gauge wiring and sports 12 Hubbell AC Outlets, surge protection system, 6 ft. 12 gauge heavy duty power cord, 20 amp IEC Connector with twin 20 Amp fast-blow fuses. It is designed to be an all in one AC powerline enhancement, power distribution and surge protection system, especially for the larger home theater system where there are usually more components to fit into just one RGPC 400MK II, and since it is internally wired in parallel the absense of an external power cord star-clustering multiple units together offer some additional advantages which are easily heard or viewed in state of the art home theater and high-end audio systems