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Rockustics Outdoor Speakers At Fred's Sound Of Music Audio Video Inc.

The Stone's Never Sounded So Good!

Rockustics, Inc. features a product line of 27 models of high-fidelity outdoor speakers for both home and commercial applications in any climate. Each of our models are designed to enhance their environment by providing the highest quality sound and unparalleled aesthetics.
Founded in 1987, the first Rockustics rock speakers were made with cabinets hand-chiseled out of actual lava rock and averaged over 300 lb. each. The Rocky Jr. model was born when the top of an original Rockustics speaker fell off! Shortly thereafter, molds were made for each unit, dramatically cutting production costs and the weight of each speaker. All cabinets are now made from a non-polluting, stone and resin compound using over 90% recycled products and are as tough as any rock found in nature.

Rockustics Soundstone    An earthy, shale tone accentuates this 2-way, 100 watts speaker that fits perfectly into medium to large pool and patio areas. Designed for use in conjunction with the Rocky Too speaker. 11.5" long x 14.5" wide x 11.75 high. 27 lbs. each.

Rockustics Rocky Too
The layered and weathered, shale tone is a perfect compliment to the look of Soundstone. This 2-way, 100 watts speaker accommodates the needs of medium sizes yards, large pool and patio areas, and commercial environments. 12" long x 21.75" wide x 11" high. 27 lbs

Rockustics Rocky Jr.    Also with the look of volcanic lava-rock, this 2-way, 100 watts speaker emits sound over a 100-150 feet distribution radius, and is exceptional for the largest outdoor areas. 10.5" long x 20" wide x 16" high. 31 lbs each.

Rockustics Planter
Designed to accommodate live plants, this terra-cotta, floor planter features 2-way 75 watts capabilities and is perfect for small to medium-sized back yards, decks, porches and greenhouse areas. 27" long x 8.5" wide x 12.25" high. 25 lbs each

Rockustics Hanging Planter    This terra-cotta planter, that includes tan or forest green macrame hanger, accommodates live plants and drainage while supplying 2-way, 75 watts sound to patios, gardens, pool areas, decks, greenhouses or interior spaces. 9.5" long x 9" wide x 9" high. 10 lbs. each. The Hanging Planter is a versatile porch or patio speaker indoors or out. In addition to providing great high-fidelity sound, it also accommodates live plants!

Rockustics River-Rock Stonewall 
Custom crafted to the style of common river- rock, these 2-way, 100 watts speakers boast 100-150 feet in sound distribution and are designed for the largest of outdoor areas. All Stonewall speakers include a removable front face for easy access. Specific shading or color match is available by special request (sample required). 6" long x 26" wide x 9" high. 39 lbs each.

Rockustics Punk Sub    Sedimentary rock styled sub-woofer -- punctuated with a coverings of holes to create the look of heavy, rain weathering-- features 250 watts capabilities, and sub-bass reinforcement to satellite systems. 18" long x 21" wide x 29" high. 110 lbs each.

Optimizing Speaker Placement for Best Sound Maximum acoustic performance should be an important factor in determining speaker placement. Here's how to achieve it:
  • Establish where the most likely or average listening position will be.
  • The speakers should be placed at or close to the same distance from that point.
  • The actual distance between the listening position and the location of the speakers is not critical, but keep in mind that as their distance is increased, the perceived loudness of the speakers will decrease rapidly.
  • For a stereo pair of speakers, try to keep the distance between the speakers somewhat less than the distance between the speakers and the average listening position. The distance between the speakers should subtend roughly 45 degrees as seen from the average listening position.
Speaker Placement
All Rockustics speakers can generate a high "SPL" level (sound pressure level), so be considerate of your neighbors.