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  flexson 3Colour yellow




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 Sonos One




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  • Six speakers powered by six dedicated digital amplifiers

  • The PLAY:5 uses six state-of the-art digital amplifiers individually coupled with six speakers to deliver great sound to any room. Each instrument, each voice, every detail shines through, pure and precise. With remarkably distinct clarity. And zero audible distortion. Even when you crank it up loud. Really loud.

  • Class-D amplifiers

  • State of the art, great sounding amplifiers that are light weight, powerful and very energy-efficient in standby and use.

  • Tweeters

  • Three tweeters create a crisp and accurate high-frequency response.

  • Mid-woofers

  • Three dedicated mid-woofers ensure the faithful reproduction of mid-range frequencies crucial for accurate playback of vocals and instruments, while also delivering a deep, rich bass.

  • Stereo Pair

  • Turn two PLAY:5s into separate left and right channel speakers to create wider, bigger, and deeper sound.

  • 5.1 Home Theater

  • Add two PLAY:5 speakers to a PLAYBAR and SUB for a true surround sound experience.




Located in Portland Oregon . Authorized service sales installation largest selection of products at discount prices. Also servicing Beaverton , Tigard , Clackamas , Lake Oswego Vancouver Washington




Newest PLAY:5 Gen2


In White or Black 


sonos play5g2 box

PLAY:5 Gen2



 sonos play52   


 sonos play5 2 white







Stream your entire music library, music services, and radio stations. Control wirelessly with the Sonos CR200 remote or your device. Start with one, expand everywhere. We'll show you how it all works. Versatile enough to put anywhere -- horizontal or vertical. Sonos Play3 consists of 3 digital amps, 1 tweeter, 2 mid-range drivers and 1 bass radiator. Use just one or two for expanded stereo. Remote not included. Come in for a demonstration today!

Offered in Black or White    With Optional Wall Bracket!    sonos3 wall bracket freds sound of music


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sonos play3W Kitchen





SONOS One w/Alexa






Sonos One blends great sound & with Alexa Voice Control, the easy-to-use voice service, for hands-free control of your music and more. Use your voice to play songs while you cook. Tell Alexa to turn the volume up while you’re in the shower.



Humidity resistant to operate flawlessly even in the bathroom. SONOS One streams music directly from your iTunes library, online music services and free Internet radio. Start with one, then wirelessly expand with more to any room in your home.  Sonos App on your smartphone, tablet or PC gives you control of all your music in one place.  SONOS One’s custom-tuned drivers and software deliver rich, powerful sound, with crystal clear highs and deep, rolling lows for pitch-perfect HiFi music. SONOS One’s sleek, versatile design easily fits anywhere your home needs music, for surprisingly big sound no matter how tight the spot. No matter how many places your music library lives or how many music services you use, the Sonos app lets you access all the music you love in one place. STEREO PAIR Turn two SONOS One  into separate left and right channel speakers to create wider, bigger, and deeper sound.
DIMENSIONS (H X W X D) 6.36 x 4.69 x 4.69 inch ( THREADED MOUNT on back 1/4 inch, 20-thread. WEIGHT 4.08 lb

Offered in Black or White              






 sonos play1 white front  sonos play1 bracket2

                Optional Wall Bracket

sonos PLAY1 box sonos PLAY1 back




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Wireless Soundbar For Music, TV & Theater!


" FREE INSTALLATION " With Every SONOS Theater System, See Store*


Finally HIFI Quality Sound For Your Television! PLAYBAR’s Powered Nine-Speaker 3 Channel Design floods your home with huge waves of epic, full-theater sound for TV, Web, Movies and Video Games. ALL THE MUSIC ON EARTH PLAYBAR is also a stand-alone all-in-one SONOS player that allows you to wirelessly stream all the music on earth—your iTunes library, your favorite music services, and thousands of Internet radio stations, shows and podcasts. EASY SETUP PLAYBAR connects to your TV using a single optical cable and power cord and plays everything that is connected to your TV, from cable boxes to gaming consoles. WIRELESS No rewiring required. Connect PLAYBAR or BRIDGE to your wireless router and link all Sonos players wirelessly with one touch.

Syncs with other Sonos speakers wirelessly. Understands and speaks most IR remote’s language and can be controlled by free apps for your Android®, iPhone® or iPad®.Plays all sources plugged in to your HDTV: cable/SAT boxes, Blu-Ray players, and video game consoles. If it’s connected to your HD TV, PLAYBAR will play it. See back hook-up of SONOS PLAYBAR.

FLEXIBLE DESIGN PLAY BAR can sit above or beneath your TV on a table or a console, or mounted horizontally against a wall. Dimensions of SONOS Playbar: 3.35” (H) x 35.43” (W) x 5.51” (D).   UNIVERSAL AUDIO PLAYBAR speaks DOLBY DIGITAL and stereo, so you never miss a moment of the action.  We've heard all the sound bars and this is definitely one to consider. This is not your ordinary sound bar .  MEASURES 35.5" WIDE. Stop by and take a listen!

Create a SONOS Home Theater System. Add a SONOS Subwoofer and a pair of PLAY:3's to your PLAYBAR.

sonos playbar angle




sonos playbar system

  SONOS 5.1 Theater System




sonos playbar explosion



















Under TV Speaker Base & Much More ... 


We'll show you how it works,


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Add SUB and two PLAY:1 rears for 5.1 surround. 




Comes in Black or White


Movies and music to the power of 10.


Ten amplified internal drivers–six mid-range, three tweeters, and one woofer–replace the limited output of your TV's built-in speakers with deeper booms, crystal clear whispers, and huge waves of sound.





















 Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer Fills an entire room with thick layers of deep, bottomless sound that let you hear and feel every chord, kick, splash and roll. Offered In White or Black



You won’t just hear the difference our wireless subwoofer makes—you’ll feel it in your bones! The Sonos Sub has two force-cancelling speakers positioned face-to-face means all the sound and energy from the music comes through loud and clear, and none of it is lost in cabinet buzz or rattle. Because it’s wireless and designed to perform perfectly, whether positioned horizontally or vertically, you can put the powered subwoofer anywhere you want in the room—even lying flat under a couch! 
Quality construction at 36 lbs. and measures only 15.8" x 15" x 6.2", the hole is free.


 sonos sub


sonos white sub

Same Size As Black


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Sonos Connect:Amp is amplified for your existing speakers, do it wireless!


With its state-of-the-art digital amplifier, the Connect:amp ( ZP120 ) zone player works anywhere you've ever dreamed of having music -- the bedroom, the bathroom or even the backyard. All you have to do is plug it in, connect your choice of speakers and you've got a room filled with music. And with the Connect:amp superior wireless range, music lovers really can play all the music they love, all over the house. The design of the ZP120 is both compact and cool so you can feel free to hide it away or leave it out for all to see.
When it comes to controlling your Connect:amp and the vast array of music on your computer and the Internet, you've got a choice of Sonos Controllers. You can use the dedicated touch screen Sonos Controller 200, the free Sonos Controller for iPhone app, or the Sonos Controller for Mac or PC -- included with the Connect amp.









Sonos Connect lets you play all the music you want, all over your house, on all the audio equipment you already own.


Your home theater receiver, stereo system, powered speakers, and more. Just connect the Connect ( ZP90 ) to any amplified audio device in any room and it's instantly part of the wireless Sonos system. The Connect's digital and analog outputs deliver superior sound to every room. And with the ZP90's superior wireless range, no room is out of reach. The Connect is super small, so it will fit just about anywhere.
When it comes to controlling your Connect Zone Player and the vast array of music on your computer and the Internet, you've got a choice of Sonos Controllers. You can use the dedicated touch screen Sonos Controller 200, the free Sonos Controller for iPhone app, or the Sonos Controller for Mac or PC -- included with every Connect.








Sonos Boost we'll show you how it all works with demonstrations all day.  


Meet the most powerful wireless product we’ve ever built.  Up to two times more powerful than BRIDGE, BOOST provides enterprise-grade wireless performance for unparalleled reliability, even in homes with wireless connectivity problems. Unparalleled wireless reliability or create a Home Theater setup. No skips, delays or drops – even in homes with wireless problems. Comparable broadcast strength to expensive enterprise-grade routers. Offers complete, 360-degree signals through walls and ceilings.  Neutralizes network interference from other wireless devices.  Also works to wirelessly connect PLAYBAR with SUB and rear speakers.

  sonos boost



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 This wireless music system allows you to listen to music stored on your phone, computer or on the web in any room of your home. Supported formats including compressed MP3, iTunes Plus, WMA, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, Audible format 4, Apple Lossless, Flac, uncompressed WAV and AIFF. Internet connected and tune into thousands of Internet stations or online music services to stream or download music. Over 100,000 free internet radio stations. 


  sonos playbar system  
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Free Delivery and Set-up Of Your


SONOS Theater System

Purchase a SONOS Home Theater Package at regular selling prices* from Fred’s Sound Of Music and receive not just FREE delivery but also FREE set-up and instruction on  the operation of your SONOS Theater System.  We must have access to your existing working high-speed network, including network login. This offer is for a basic installation and does not include drilling, in-wall wiring or additional parts. We do offer custom installation at an additional charge.  This FREE offer is good for up to 1.5 hours on-site.  Additional time spent, added parts and outside our 20 mile radius will be charged accordingly.  Talk to one of our SONOS experts for further information.  Showroom open 7 days a week.  Limited time offer. You may need a BOOST at an additional cost.   *Special pricing or discounts of SONOS at time of purchase voids this free offer.



SONOS Home Theater 5.1 Speaker System


including the SONOS PLAYBAR, 2x PLAY:3 and


SONOS SUBWOOFER.  You may need a BOOST (additional cost).





sonos playbar systemSONOS 5.1 THEATER SYSTEM


SONOS PLAYBAR with SONOS SUB.  SONOS PLAYBAR is neatly mounted on the wall just below the flat screen TV. Extra charge may prevail when running wires in walls and mounting, etc.

Schedule an appointment today for our installation team to help you design a sound and video system for your home including stereo, home theater and whole house audio. Don't forget your deck or patio area, we always have great sales on outdoor speakers, too!


sonos playbar wall mounted


 ** We do not accept all equipment for trade, so please contact us first. At times we are not accepting trades.





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  youtube logo SONOS Channel


SONOS PLAYBAR - Unleash Your TV Sound. Unleash All the Music on Earth. 1:32







SONOS PLAY:1 - The PLAY:1 SONOS Player. :30





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