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 With This Outdoor Volume Control!


NOW ONLY $59.95 each ....  WAS $149.00 each



speakercraft SCVWS60 volume


NOW $59.95 each  WAS $149.00

Speakercraft All Weather Volume Control 

Available In White Only (paintable)

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Speakercraft VW60 All Weather STEREO Volume Control


Weather Resistant Stereo Volume Control.


The SpeakerCraft VW60 is a wall mounted stereo volume control. It connects between the speaker level output of an amplifier, receiver or speaker selector and a pair of speakers. SpeakerCraft's Volume Controls are high quality stereo autoformers designed for wide range frequency response at all volume levels.
Fast removable connectors can be wired ahead of time and the simply attached to the volume control at the time of final installation.
Simple Connect Terminals secures wires in place without the use of a screwdriver. Just place the stripped wire in the opening and depress the lever for a secure connection.
Side-mounted Multiple Room Switch switch allows easy impedance adjustment when multiple speakers are to be connected to a single amplifier.
Weather Resistant, Transformer-Based, Stereo Volume Control
3/4" Slip Connection for Conduit
Resistive, High Power Handling Design
New 12-Step "Make Before Break" Switch Design
Power Rating: 60 Watts
Steps: 12 (Make Before Break)
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Total Attenuation: 42dB Maximum
Dimensions (H x W x D): 6" x 313/16" x 41/16" (Including Conduit Connection, Mounting Tabs, and Knob) Limited to stock on hand.












Complete With Hanging Brackets

WeatherCraft speaker enclosures are unobtrusive, yet rugged enough to withstand sun, rain, sleet, salt air, and snow. The black blend well with most environments. And the white version is paintable for a totally customizable look.
When compared to normal cabinets, our thick walled, non-resonant enclosures are superior in resisting sun-fade and the effects of long-term exposure to the elements. The slender profile makes them ideal for mounting in corners or tucking under eaves.
WeatherCraft's ultra-dense enclosures are impervious to the damaging affects of nature. All components are weatherproof and the mounting hardware is rustproof. We are so confident in the quality of WeatherCraft's material and construction, we offer a Lifetime Warranty.

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SpeakerCraft Pair Lifetime Warranty!

Whole House Series consists of various models and sizes at great "sound per dollar" value.  This series is ideal for use in commercial installations and production home applications.  These speakers have a unique three-piece construction.  The frames and grilles are installed at the beginning of the job, so they may be painted during construction.  The speaker is installed when construction is complete or when the job-site is secure.
"Complete with all installation and mounting hardware!"
Lifetime Warranty On All SpeakerCraft Speakers!


SpeakerCraft Each Single Stereo Speaker, You Only Need One Per Room! Great for small rooms such as bathrooms

SpeakerCraft AIM LCR Pivoting In-Wall Theater Speakers

Building on the award winning AIM series of fully pivoting ceiling speakers the new In-wall AIM LCR series dramatically improves flexibility of in-wall applications. With a dual woofer and a single dome tweeter configuration the In-wall AIM pivots side to side or up and down (depending on vertical or horizontal installation) by 17 degrees. The pivoting tweeters can be angled an additional 30 degrees. This allows physical tow-in or vertical adjustments while remaining completely flush in the wall. This proprietary feature sets the AIM LCR apart from all other in-wall offerings in the industry.
The In-wall SpeakerCraft AIM LCR will be available in two models with the same driver configuration. The AIM LCR One features two 51/4 inch injection molded graphite cone woofers with phasing plugs and a single 1 inch silk dome tweeter.

SpeakerCraft AIM Swivel Woofer & Tweeter

The SpeakerCraft tradition of innovative design combined with one of the most extensive engineering efforts in industry history has lead to the creation of the AIM series of fully directional in-ceiling loudspeakers. Each model can be entirely pivoted towards the listener while it remains discretely recessed behind a flush mounted grill. If listening position or tastes change, the speaker can be easily aimed in another direction with a simple push of the hand.
SpeakerCraft has used only the finest materials available in the components of each speaker and backs up its performance with a Lifetime Warranty! Each of the five models in the series starts with a 6 1/2" woofer that rotates and pivots within a socket assembly and can be easily aimed in any direction by hand. SpeakerCraft's exclusive WavePlane TM tops each woofer. The WavePlane holds an independently pivoting tweeter and better directs the high frequencies out into the room and towards the listener. Four of the models feature adjustable bass and treble controls for even further customization. These controls are easily adjusted by switches on the front of the AIM Three, AIM Four, and AIM Five. A flush mounted grill hides all of this remarkable technology

The MT In-Wall Speakers From SpeakerCraft

SpeakerCraft provides the best sound quality, easiest installation, and most functional design of any in-wall/in-ceiling speaker available, and its elegant appearance is just the beginning... SpeakerCraft exclusive Mirror Image Technology asymmetrically offsets the tweeter to minimize diffraction, which improves frequency response, stereo imaging, and produces a life like sound.
The SpeakerCraft MT FOUR features an extremely rigid, but ultra light, hard anodized magnesium alloy woofer cone. This produces bass that is tight, powerful, and beautifully profound.   The state-of-the-art woofer also extends mid-range voicing beyond any speaker in its class. It is clear, open and life- like.   The tweeter is also made from a hard anodized magnesium alloy; the fastest and most accurate material that can be used. This produces crystal clear highs without sounding harsh or grainy.
Woofer: 6 1/2" Aluminum/Magnesium Cone with Dual Voice Coil, Filleted Rubber Surround and Front Mounted 3 position ±3dB Bass Adjustment Switch Tweeter: 1" pivoting Aluminum/Magnesium Dome with Front Mounted 3 position ±3dB Treble Adjustment Switch Sensitivity: 90 dB 1W/1m Power recommendations: 5 to 150 watts (undistorted) Impedance: 8/6/4 ohms depending on switch settings Frequency response: 37 - 20,000 Hz ±2 dB Height x Width x Depth: 12-1/4" x 8-13/16" x 3-1/8" Recommended Wall cutout dimensions: H 10-3/4' x W 6-3/4"