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Totem Acoustic Speakers At Fred's Sound Of Music

Totem Acoustic was founded in 1987 by Vincent Bruzzese in Montreal, Canada. The new company's original mission was to develop a totally new transducer, a loudspeaker capable of reproducing a truly musical and involving performance. The goal was to provide something not currently available on the market--an affordable "soul mover" for the music lover.
When the Totem Acoustic Model One was launched in Canada at the end of 1989, it was meant to establish a niche, to compete against any speaker at any price. Visitors at the Toronto CE-EX show were surprised and impressed. How could something so small sound so true, with correct dynamics and make music seem so large .....
totem earth dust 


Totem EARTH A True Revolution

Each Element model features Totem’s own 7-inch Torrent™ hand-assembled drivers utilizing machined precision fit and finish, as well as revolutionary magnetic technology found only in the Element Series.
The starting point for this revolutionary magnetic application was to make the Totem Element series utilize absolutely “no active or passive cross-over parts” in the woofer section. Once resolved this tremendous challenge offers substantial advantages in clarity and phase correctness with remarkable control and striking accuracy both on and off axis. Totem realized that this crossover-free network in the woofer path allows for an unfettered flow of information, sound, and energy, resulting in a real musical experience.
Magnetic grills are standard issue. The floor-standing models Earth and Metal also feature a variably adjustable “center front claw”. In addition, rear cabinet decoupling is provided on the columns via their individual “skid plates”.
The Element Series is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Tribe Series, for stunning synergy in surround setups.


Break-In Periods For Various Totem Speaker Models (pdf)




 totem fire dusk

Totem FIRE Honesty and Ease

The Element Series is unique in its architectural design and geometric conception. Its stunning multi-angled chassis displays no apparent parallel lines, while defying the laws of perspective.
Available in gleaming, luxurious, 4-coat polyester finishes: Dusk/Black or Ice/White. The Element Series also comes wonderfully appointed with custom designed & machined aluminum terminal back plates, precision machined reflex ports, and fabulous platinum W.B.T. connectors (bi-wireable).
The Element Series is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Tribe Series, for stunning synergy in surround setups


 totem tribe3 ice

Totem TRIBE III Power and Flexibility

With cutting-edge, patented technology, the Tribe is luxuriously detailed and perfectly proportioned. Exclusively designed, they are among the slimmest wall speakers available, offering a brocade of rich harmonics with world-leading on- and off-axis dispersion and frequency range.
The Tribe III is a true full-range speaker that activates sound naturally and effortlessly with complete phase coherence and unequalled dispersion. It is truly one of the world’s best speakers. Using Totem’s in-house produced and hand-assembled Torrent woofer, it sets new standards in all domains. Nuance, inflection, detail, power and flexibility are just some of its qualities. The Tribe III is also available in Design finish.


totem tribe sub ice 


Discover the most innovative subwoofer ever. Period. With its sleek design and dazzling performance, the Tribe Sub is filled with inner power. Astonishingly high output levels and low frequency spectrum make the Tribe Sub awe-inspiring.
Ultra-flexible, the Tribe Sub can be used in any direction, horizontal, vertical, straight or flat. This on-wall beauty comes fully equipped with a stand to move it around and absorbent back feet to lay it on its back. It can even be slipped under the couch.


totem ember


The Element Ember from Totem is unique in its architectural design and geometric conception. Its stunning multi-angled chassis displays no apparent parallel lines, seemingly defying the laws of perspective.
The Element Ember comes purposefully appointed with the new Torrent™ 6-inch driver. With its custom designed and machined aluminum terminal back plates, precision machined reflex ports and fabulous platinum W.B.T. connectors (bi-wireable), the Ember is burning hot. Available in gleaming, luxurious, 4-coat polyester finishes: Dusk/Black or Ice/White.
The Element Series is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Tribe Series, for stunning synergy in surround setups.



The MODEL 1 SIGNATURE Listen & Believe!

The Model-1 Signature has a greater ability to capture midrange subtlety, dynamics and proper timbre without overloading. Stirring and accurate bass response along with pinpoint imaging allow the Model-1 Signature to completely disappear. Midrange reproduction is clearer and more holographically stable, even under huge dynamic swings. Their exemplary harmonic extension will keep you enthralled.
6.5 x 12.2 x 8.9" (WHD). Model One



The TOTEM ARRO Straight and True

The Totem Arro is the lowest-priced floorstanding speaker, with a 4.5" sandwich cone woofer with dual magnet, and a soft dome tweeter tuned for low resonant frequency. No stand is needed, of course, and spikes are supplied. The Totem Acoustics Arro speaker can perform comfortably even near walls. As with other Totem models, the Arro's small lateral dimensions are a virtue, not a compromise. Its very smallness allows it to project a completely believable stereo image most large speakers cannot approach.  The Arro brings Totem quality to smaller rooms and smaller budgets. 5.1 x 33.5 x 7.1" (WHD). Model Arro



The TOTEM MITE Small & Mighty!

The Totem Mite Speakers are a micro-monitor which offers an aesthetic design as uncompromised as that of any other Totem product, all of which are known as much for their beauty as well as their sound. Beyond visual aesthetics, the Totem Mite offers spectacular soundstaging abilities and a seductive musical sense. Like other Totem products, it offers value for money despite its size.  The Totem Mites dimensions are not a liability but a contributing factor to one of its killer advantages: gigantic imaging and soundstaging. Voice and choral works will astound you. Discover a micro-monitor with precise focus, realism and defined bass information that extends well beyond anything you could reasonably expect.  Reading about it is not enough, of course. The Mite's sound must be experienced with all of the senses. For the music lover whose priority is not only huge dynamic contrasts, but sheer musical involvement, the Mite will fulfill and surprise you. Discover its ability to encapsulate music and transmit its message and soul. You will follow.
6 x 10.8 x 8.4" (WHD). Model Mite



 totem dreamcatcher

The TOTEM DREAMCATCHER Capture Your Dreams!

The Totem Dreamcatcher will enthrall you with its speed, clarity and constant precision. An absolute true point source imager, the Dreamcatcher will enchant you with its sound staging ability. Compact size speaker with super size fidelity, the Dreamcatcher offers a sublime listening experience.
The Dreamcatcher is truly a fine-crafted speaker. Light and stiff, its solid monocoque chassis assures its integrity, regardless of abrupt dynamic, temperature or humidity changes. Huge, large-gauge, air core coils in the crossover guarantee that the speaker will never saturate in the critical vocal and definition areas. Catch your dream, nothing else will do.

5.1 x 11.3 x 7.1" (WHD). Model Dreamcatcher



The TOTEM STTAF True Life Force!

The Totem Sttaf, uncompromising design engineering, micro-attention to every detail, lengthy critical listening tests -- the attributes long associated with all Totem products -- have resulted in a mini-tower worthy of the Totem nomenclature.  Cabinet performance is enhanced through the use of esotic external veneer and an internal stress-compensation veneer, as well as exclusive space-age borosilicate damping, lock miter joints and specialty wiring, This type of detailing is rare even in the most expensive speakers.  Internally, the cabinet is built with two crossbraces set at slightly different angles, The second crossbrace buttresses the structure and acts as the roof of the lower damping chamber cavity.
6.3 x 33.5 x 9.5" (WHD). Model Sttaf




The TOTEM HAWK Soaring Above The Crowd!

Soaring to high-vibrational heights, the Totem Hawk exemplifies total involvement with the senses. Truly full range, extremely compact and aesthetically balanced, the Hawk has incredible attributes and strengths that will bring you to the realm of sonic nirvana. The Hawk’s detailed voicing, harmonic nuances and timbre precision will simply move your soul to the core.
With honesty and loyalty, the Hawk’s unique drivers deliver magic and power. Its exquisite cabinetry is designed to seamlessly project sonic vitality. Its self-effacing holography and pure dimensional imaging produce a spatial experience that will lift and envelope you. The Totem Hawk is a soul mover of the highest caliber.   6.8 x 34.3 x 9.6" (WHD). Model Hawk. 



The TOTEM STORM Music & Cinema Subwoofer!

Totem Acoustic's Storm offers a compact solution to bass augmentation. Like its big brother, the Thunder, the Storm has many advanced design features, yet adds a few of its own to facilitate multiple uses.
The front firing driver in the Storm shares external cone topography and materials with the two flanking passive units. We believe that this contributes to a more informative and less compressed energy flow. As is the case with the upper echelon Thunder, the Storm is not only designed for cinema/surround applications, but is comfortable in a stereo or multi-channel audio environment.