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The iPod Accessory For The Audiophile! The Wadia Model 170 iTransport
Turning an iPod into a high-performance audio server

Wadia 170 iTransport

Wadia 170 iphone

Wadia 170 remote
Wadia 170 iTransport    Stop by For A Demonstration Today!

The Wadia 170 iTransport turns any currently available iPod player into a high-end media server by providing a bit-perfect digital audio output to an audio/video system, bypassing the player's internal digital-to-analog conversion (DAC) and analog output stage. Subsequently, the audio signal remains clean and unadulterated throughout the path, outputting a "bit-perfect" digital stream.

Along with turning an iPod into a high-performance audio server, iTransport is one of the first docks to access video content stored on currently available iPods. Similar to the audio section, the video signal is made available via high performance component outputs that provide up to DVD-quality video.

The Wadia 170i Transport measures 2" x 8" x 8" (H/W/D), making it an easy addition to most racks and entertainment centers. Wadia incorporates a bit-perfect S/PDIF digital output and high-resolution component digital video output, as well as analog audio and video outputs for easy connection with most audio/video systems. Your iPod will be charged while in the dock and the iTransport comes complete with a remote to control all iPod functions.

Precision-engineered aluminum chassis Infrared remote control, coaxial digital cable, and docking inserts are included iPod & iPhone not included.  Wadia 171 iTransport which adds Works With iPhone certification, upgraded power supply, and a remote offering such new features as playlist and album navigation. 171i

"…. When I dock my iPod with the Wadia 170 iTransport, the iPod transforms
into an audiophile media server that totally blew me away …."

The Wadia 170i transport bridges the convenience of an iPod and the high-end capabilities of today's advanced audio systems.  The goal of having an iPod act as a true high-end media server had been hampered by the need to send the digital signal through the iPod's D/A converter rather than a high-performance audio system. The creative minds at Wadia fixed this problem by designing the iTransport to bypass the player's converter and output stage altogether. When used with an iTransport, the iPod becomes a digital music source equal to some of the finest sounding transports in the high-end audio market.

171 iTransport ®
The latest member of the iTransport family is the first transport to be officially licensed "Works with iPhone." A new feature-rich infrared remote control allows convenient navigation through play-lists and albums. Improved power supply components, a front panel power indicator light, audiophile grade connectors, and iPhone tether address  practical performance upgrades everyone will appreciate.
Listeners who value high-end sound can get the full musical benefit out of their portable music collections, with all the storage advantages and the great user interface.  It's really the perfect marriage between convenience and performance.