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Combining All Your Remotes Into One Easy To Use Remote.

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Universal Remote Control MX-890 System Controller   

The MX-890 Remote Control is everything you need in one amazing remote. This powerful-universal remote control will change everything for you and your family from the moment it arrives. Employing the latest in technology and ergonomic design, the MX-890 is equipped to handle virtually any application. Easily control every Audio and Video product you own — lighting, too. One touch puts you in complete command of everything. This beauty is strong enough to control the most robust entertainment or theater room, and versatile enough to allow you to select other rooms in the house.

Customize away. The MX-890 features a brilliant 2-inch color, high-resolution screen that can be fully personalized to suit the particular products you wish to control with exciting, custom graphics. Your installer can label every button with fun icons, and configure your system so that a single button press enables you power up the entertainment room, set a lighting level, or any combination of events you can dream up. The MX-890 also includes all the hard buttons you're accustomed to for fast access to every function.

Feel free to move about the house. Gone are the days of pointing the remote at the product you wish to turn on or turn up! When used with one of our award winning base stations – such as the MRX-1, MRF-350 or MRF-260 – the MX-890 remote can operate equipment through walls, cabinet doors or from outside. You don't have to point or be in the same room as the music player or flat screen—you can still control them entirely. And, there's no need to purchase batteries. The URC MX-890 sits in an attractive tabletop charging cradle, and is always ready for action the moment you pick it up.


urc MX-890 remote 
MX890 Brochure (pdf)




Universal Remote MX-880 Controller ... Listen or Watch, It's That Easy!   

With its bright 2” LCD screen, the Universal Remote MX-880 gives you a gorgeous color interface that goes beyond remote replacement. The graphic capabilities of the MX-880 allow your installer to customize your remote with one of several colorful themes. Accessing a favorite channel is accomplished by selecting an easily identifiable station logo of your favorite television network, for example. You have not experienced channel surfing until you have used a URC MX880.
Pick up the MX-880 and experience the superior ergonomics and button layout that are a hallmark of URC design. Universal Remote Control has even incorporated some of the advanced features its high-end remotes in the MX-880. Automatic motion sensing turns on backlighting when you pick up your MX-880. With its rechargeable battery and included AC adapter you never have to worry about having extra batteries on hand.

urc MX-880 




Universal Remote MX-780 Controller

The Universal Remote MX-780 Controller provides the reliability you need when controlling your entertainment system. Its gorgeous 1.5” OLED screen gives you a higher contrast ratio than LCD screens and uses less energy as well – this means you’ll enjoy more vibrant and deeper color levels, especially in low light settings! You can control up to 255 devices located in any room throughout your home with the MX780. You can use your MX-780 to control components via RF, through walls and cabinet doors without having to point. Your custom installation specialist can help you decide which RF base station will work best for your particular system configuration in order to enhance your home automation experience. Features: 1.5” Color OLED Screen, PC Programmable via CCP Software, 418MHz Narrow Band RF, Similar to MX-880 but with Red, Green, Blue and Yellow hard buttons.
Capabilities: Up to 48 devices and up to 8 pages each for a total of 384 pages, Range: RF (radio frequency) 50 to 100 feet, depending upon the environment, Powered by four (4) AA-size alkaline batteries.

urc mx780 



The Universal Remote MX-980

The Universal Remote MX-980 is a powerful wand-style custom control designed to advance the state of the art of Home Theater programming and integration. Achieving an apex of power, style and versatility, it enables professional installers to more quickly and efficiently customize and automate sophisticated Home Theaters and whole house A/V systems -- while empowering their owners to handle them as naturally as a race car driver hugs the road.
Ideal for homes with one or more A/V systems, the MX980 is as intuitive for installers to program as it is for users to operate. Its unique synergies automate and simplify operation of even the most complex home systems. Its many highlights include a big, bright color LCD display, an open programming architecture, Narrow Band RF capability, and seamless integration with other control devices. 
Range: RF - Up to 100 feet when used with MRF-260, MRF-350 or MSC-400 RF Base stations

Universal Remote MX-980 Orion

Universal Remote Control MX-900 Genesis

The Universal Remote Control MX-900 Genesis achieves a magnificent combination of power and flexibility, simplifying and automating operation of even the most complex system via it's virtually unlimited memory. Up to 40 devices can be created with up to 40 pages per device. This allows the MX900 custom interfaces to be created for every room and every user, complete with automated favorite channels and stations.
In combination with a Complete Control RF Base Station, the MX-900 can control your system without being in line-of-sight of the equipment. Either the MRF-350 / MRF-300 or the MRF-250 RF base station is compatible with the MX-900. All incorporate RF addressing. RF Addressing gives you the ability to control equipment locations throughout your home, even if they are concealed in other rooms or are behind closed doors. The MX-900 is one step above the MX-810 remote.
MX810 base stations are the same as MX900 remote.